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Most homeowners want to know, “how much do solar panels cost?” As with other major home improvement projects, homeowners face a range of payment options for a solar project. Whether you purchase a solar power system or use financing to pay, solar is a cheaper alternative to buying power from the utility for most homeowners. American Renewable Energy offers a wide range of solar financing options under the Freedom Flex Payment Plans. Our professional staff will discuss any of our payment plans to help you maximize your savings and return on investment. We believe that educated customers make the best decisions for long-term solar saving and overall value.

Solar Loans

Loans and lines of credit are flexible, give homeowners more control of their interest rates, and typically can be paid off at anytime. American Renewable Energy’s Freedom Flex $0 Down Payment Plans provide a range of plans with flexible terms and no pre-payment penalties, and can be used to cover both roof and solar projects.

Start your project for $0 down

Keep the 26% solar tax credit

No equity requirements or appraisals

Pay off your loan at anytime, with no pre-payment penalties

Anyone that can qualify for a $0 down solar lease can qualify for a Freedom Flex plan and own solar power. Our Staff will help analyze and compare payment options, compare quotes and leases, and figure out what option will give you the best overall savings and value.

Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans (PACE)

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. These loans allow homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements and install solar power through a tax assessment on the property. California legislation Assembly Bill 811 (AB 811) established the mechanism for cities and counties to organize these programs.

PACE loans are fixed-rate, low-interest loans issued to qualifying homeowners who are current on their mortgages and taxes. Currently, there are two regionally-based PACE programs in California: CaliforniaFirst, and the HERO Program, which has been established through California and is rapidly expanding to your area.

If a PACE Program is available in your city or county:

The qualification process is simple

The payment process happens through your property taxes

There are no credit or equity requirements

Multiple projects can be accomplished in one loan

The loan stays with the property as an assessment so it can be transferred upon the sale of the home.

We’ll Help Find You the Best Payment Option

Our goal is to deliver the best long-term value for our customers. Contact American Renewable Energy for a free solar power assessment for your home and we can find the right plan to meet your budget and savings goals. 

Get a FREE consultation.

Drop us a line and let us know when you would like to schedule a free consultation. One of our renewable energy experts will show up and let you know if your house qualifies for Solar.


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